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ZNA is the utility token
of Zenome

Token Allocation

ZNA is the native currency of the Zenome platform, a token based on the Ethereum Network (ERC-20). ZNA will be used to build a market for genomic data and any services Zenome uses. This utility token is backed by the real value of big data.

Distribution of Tokens

Information on the sale of Tokens

ZNA token circulation


Purchase methods:
Hard cap (2nd stage):
1 150 000 ZNA
1.0 $/token + Discount
Min/Max purchase:
1/1000 ETH
Know your customer (KYC):

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Genomic market

The market for genomic technologies is growing rapidly and is very promising. Currently, the total market volume is approximately $25 billion with nearly tenfold growth, from $5.9 billion in 2010 to $60 billion in 2020 (predicted).
Genomics will be the main data generator on the Internet over the next ten years.
Currently, the entire market of genomics is approximately $25 billion and the prediction is $60 billion in 2020.
More than 10 million people have undergone DNA testing, and this figure will reach 60 million by 2025.

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