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peer-to-peer network

for the secure trading of genomic data

How does it work

Currently, over 10 million people have undergone DNA testing, and this figure will reach 60 million by 2025. Scientists, pharmaceutical, and FMCG companies use genetic data for research, the creation of personalized products, and drug development. Therefore, all owners of DNA data could monetize it!

Data uploading

Upload your genetic data to the Zenome platform

Privacy settings

Tune your privacy settings to share or hide your data

Buyers find you

Interested companies and scientists purchase yourgenetic data

Earn a profit

You receive funds in your account for genomic data purchased

Don’t yet have genetic data?
Generate it!

Genetic test
The report includes an analysis of more than 12 million genetic markers associated with approximately 10,000 genes. Also, the obtained data can be sold by you using the Zenome marketplace.
The Zenome platform provides technical solutions for both business and science.
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