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Zenome whitelist data analysis

Here we have small data analysis of Zenome main sale whitelist participants
Jeff Heizmann
Wed, 01 Feb 2018

Here we have small data analysis of Zenome main sale whitelist participants

Each participant could fill the form and tell us:

  • country of residence
  • number of tokens he/she is going to get
  • did she/he took part in Zenome pre-sale

We got more than 650 answers, some were duplicated, some contained no data about number of tokens, so after clean-up we had 601 data points. Here is the number of participants from different countries

We can also look at the number of tokens, declared by different countries participants

It’s interesting to compare numbers of participats with sum of tokens for each country

Now we can do some statistics about the number of tokens, declared:

But distribution is more interesting, we will first take log10 from number of tokens for better visibility:

See those thwo peaks — they are on 1000 and 10000 tokens.

Now let’s see what about people from pre-sale and new participants, summary statistics looks like this:

And now we will compare boxplots and distributions:

The final graph we would like to share with you is cumulative curve, here each circle is a participant, radius is proportional to number of tokens, timeline goes left to right and cumulative sum of tokens is on vertical axis:

Thank you for reading and we all can’t wait how will it all look during the real sale !

Zenome whitelist data analysis was originally published in Zenome on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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