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Zenome annual report

Dear holders and potential buyers of Zenome’s tokens. About two weeks ago, the one year mark passed since the idea of the decentralized genomic Internet — Zenome arose.
Jeff Heizmann
Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Dear holders and potential buyers of Zenome’s tokens.

About two weeks ago, the one year mark passed since the idea of the decentralized genomic Internet — Zenome arose.

Let me introduce to your attention Zenome’s first annual report.

Period: June 30, 2017 — June 30, 2018

Zenome’s token sale

We sell our tokens in several stages. This is similar to the stage of venture financing. We plan to do token sales in five stages.

So far we’ve raised:

● Public presale round — 100,000 USD

● First private sale round — 200,000 USD

● First public sale round — 362,000 USD

In early September 2018, we plan to start a second public round of the token sales.

The private round is from July 1 to September 1, 2018.

Total raised funds — 662,000 USD (at the exchange rate from February 2018)

At present, fluctuations in the exchange rate have resulted in a decrease in dollar fundraising amounts by an average of 20–30%

● The total amount of tokens: 35,000,000 ZNA

● Currently sold: 1,035,491 ZNA

● Tokens for bounty program participants: 87,499 ZNA

● Reserved for advisers: 87,500 ZNA

The main terms of the token sale are shown here:

Marketing Activities:

Social Media

Last year, starting with an initial group of 4 people, we managed to grow a community of more than 3,000 people from around the world.

Community size: Telegram — 570, Twitter — 674, Facebook — 1974


We actively attend various conferences, both on the topics of blockchain and genomics. Over the past year, we have spoken more than ten times about our project’s story in different countries and cities.

  • Russia, Moscow, PR & Marketing for ICO-campaigns and blockchain start-ups, October 2017, oral presentation
  • Poland, Warsaw, 8th Wolves Summit, October 2017, oral presentation
  • UK, London, Healthcare: Unblocked — Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare, October 2017, oral presentation
  • UK, London, Monaco Growth Forums 10th Edition 86 MGF Blockchain Edition, October 2017
  • Russia, Sochi, Future Biotech, Future Biotech Winter Retreat 2018, January 2018, oral presentation
  • Russia, Suzdal, NGS in Medical Genetics, April 2018, oral presentation
  • Russia, Moscow, Genome Sequencing and Editing 2018, May 2018, oral presentation
  • Russia, Skolkovo, Startup Village 2018, May 2018, oral presentation
  • Italia, Milan, European Human Genetics Conference, June 2018, poster presentation
  • Russia, Smolensk, Tabtabus Summer Fest, June 2018, oral presentation

Publications in the mass media:

Since our idea was unique and because we first formulated the concept of the distributed genomic Internet, our project attracted considerable media attention. GenomeWeb, Wired, Gizmodo, etc. all wrote about us.


Below we give the primary directions and amounts of our expenses spent on the development of our Zenome project.

Table. Cost structure*

* Currently, our operating costs are 25,000 USD per month; this amount includes the costs of development, marketing, office rent and travel to the conference.


A year ago, when we first appeared, we were the first with our idea. Now several projects are competing with us. The level of these companies and their founders are very high, which proves the correctness of our concept — decentralized Internet for genomes have enormous prospects for development.

Luna DNA — Created by the co-founders of the $40B DNA sequencing leader Illumina (Founded four months after the publication of the Zenome whitepaper)
Nebula Genomics — Harvard Medical School startup founded by George Church, human genome sequencing pioneer and Harvard Professor (Founded six months after the publication of the Zenome whitepaper)

Our main differences from the competitors are the following:

  • We use a fully decentralized platform (competitors use some centralized solutions for different stages)
  • We have developed a new p2p network protocol that competitors do not have — they use third-party solutions
  • We have developed a method for genomic data transformation, so that you can perform any statistical operations on them automatically, without losing performance (performance level is similar to untransformed genomic data), with maintaining the complete privacy
  • We can work with any type of genomic data — whether it’s microarray-genotyping or whole-genomic only sequencing data
  • All these points above make Zenome a decentralized autonomous organization that lets users own all the data and receive all possible benefits from the functioning of the network, and in addition, the scientific community will have an open and free access to statistical data that will positively affect the scientific progress

Current stage of development

Over the past year, from a simple concept in the minds of our founders, we have gone a long way. We described the philosophical and technical principles of creating a decentralized genomic Internet in our whitepaper, and also wrote many software modules. In the very near future, we will publish the technical documentation of the Zenome network, as well as a scientific article (in a peer-reviewed scientific journal) devoted to the free and secure exchange of genomic data. In the meantime, here are just a few points related to our development.

● A demo version of the product was released

● The personal account for token holders was developed and integrated with a smart contract. The following functions are available: KYC, purchase (ETH, BTC) and minting of ZNA-tokens.

● Zenome Network PeerID: A module for generating and working with peers’ unique identifiers

● A smart contract for the ZNA token:


We are moving according to our plan and, soon we will announce the next round of ZNA token sales.

● June 2017: The idea for the Zenome project was born

● August 2017: We raised 100 000 USD from private investors

● September 2017: Released the first version of the Zenome whitepaper (manuscript)

● September 19, 2017: Incorporation date (Belize)

● October 2017: ZNA tokens presale — collected 200 000 USD

● December 2017: MVP was released (demo version of the product)

● February-April 2017: First stage of token sale — 362,000 USD collected

● July 2018: Opened a private round for crypto funds (announcing the conditions soon)

● August 2018: Publication of the Zenome network protocol. Preparation of a scientific publication on the development of a method for safe and open storage and transfer of genomic data

● September 2018: Start the public token sale — stage 2

● October 2018: The launch of the product’s alpha version

● November 2018: API publication for connecting a wide range of service providers

● December 2018: The launch of the product’s beta version

● May 2019: Release of the product’s final version with full functionality; the end of the start-up period; the beginning of building business processes

Zenome Team

I would also like to mention our team. This year, from two people and one idea, our team has grown to 12 people and four advisors.

Our team includes graduates of the best universities in Russia, talented biologists and developers, four of whom have a Ph.D. degree.

We also have a strong team of advisors, among whom there is a specialist in legal issues and venture investment, international business development, creation and sale of biotech start-ups in the Silicon Valley, and one of our advisors is a TED speaker. Two of our advisers live in the US, where the genomic data market is most developed, which is very important for our project.


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