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The first genetic test with
continuous feedback on

blockchain technology from the Zenome platform

Genetic test

What do you want

to know about yourself?

How does it work

Order the product

Purchase the Zenome genetic kit and provide your saliva sample

DNA study

Your DNA is decoded via Next Generation Sequencing

Data analysis

The raw genetic data will be analyzed using the latest bioinformatic approaches

Genetic report

You will receive a comprehensive interpretation of your data which can also be monetized

Obtain your own genetic research
and improve your life

Buy a genetic test
The report includes an analysis of more than 12 million genetic markers associated with approximately 10,000 genes. Also, this unique data can be sold by you using the Zenome marketplace.
Zenome's priority is to maintain the privacy of your genetic data. The data will be
stored using blockchain technology and your permission is necessaryfor each step of transferring data.

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