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is the first decentralized

market of genomic data and services

Our views  & directions


Zenome plans to build a decentralized storage system for genomic data provided by network participants and supported financially with the help of internal cryptocurrency. Further, we will start the function of free exchange of genomic and personal data within the network. It will be possible to find a person who has specific (interesting to you) eye color, age, weight, nationality and access to his genomic information (to the non-sensitive part of the genome). Next, we implement a system of questionnaires plus rating system to assess if users haven't provided fake data. And, finally, at one of the later stages we plan to attract large companies and scientific centers interested in buying genomic data, as well as buying access to the storage of Zenome. Thus, in the long term, we want to create the best infrastructure project for the genomic Internet - a kind of "genomic Google", owned by the entire community of Zenome.


We believe that the "era of data" has come. At present, the technologies of artificial intelligence in various fields of activity have developed tremendously. The use of artificial intelligence can remove a person from a huge number of processes, make the work more accurate and minimize the number of errors associated with the human factor. Including, in the near future, artificial intelligence will be the main driver for the development of medicine, diagnostics, the creation of new drugs and personalized products. In this case, for the machine mearning and the use of artificial intelligence, a large amount of correctly structured information is needed and the availability of such information in a concentrated form becomes as valuable as gold once was. That is why we want to create a platform that would accumulate this value ("new gold") and at the same time access to this gold will be provided for all the users of the platform, that prevents monopolization.

What is genomics?

Zenome assembles modern trends in genomics
and creates the first market of genomic data

The market for genomic technologies is growing rapidly and is highly promising.
Currently, the total market volume is approximately $25 billion with nearly tenfold
growth, from $5.9 billion in 2010 to $60 billion in 2020 (predicted).

Do you want to participate
in genomic revolution?


& Adviser Board

Alexey Gorbachev, Ph.D
Founder, business
Education:  Moscow State University, department of molecular biology (MSU)
Degree:  Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry
Specialization:  Molecular biologist and Blockchain Enthusiast
Specialist in molecular biology and personal genomics. Alexey has a significant scientific background, expertise in business, and project management. In Zenome Alexey is responsible for the overall vision and development of the business.
Nikolay Kulemin, Ph.D
Founder, bioinformatics
Education:  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, department of molecular and biological physics (MIPT)
Degree:  Ph.D. in bioinformatics
Specialization:  Bioinformatist
Specialist in bioinformatics and mathematical biology, has experience of academic research and applied developments in the genome industry. Nikolay is a founder of a company developing new algorithms for genomic analysis.
Vladimir Naumov
Genomic data scientist
Education:  Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)
Specialization:  Data scientist in human genomics
Bioinformatics and data analysis specialist. ex-CSO at iBinom, bioinformatics scientist at GERO, 8 years in genomics industry. Works on creating pipelines and developing new ways in analysis and visualisations of genomic data.
Sergey Popov
Blockchain developer
Education:  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, department of general and applied physics (MIPT)
Specialization:  Theoretical physics, theoretical informatics and pure mathematics
Distributed systems architect, smart blockchain developer.
Pavel Reutov
Education:  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, department of of control and applied mathematics (MIPT)
Specialization:  Mathematical modeling
Arina Anuchina
Data analyst
Education:  Moscow State University, department of genetics (MSU)
Specialization:  Human genetics, medical genomics
Arina is specialized in the field of the medical genomics. Her latest researches are associated with gene therapy of inherited diseases.
Vladimiros Peilivanidis
International Affairs Officer
Education:  Digital Currencies, University Of Nicosia
Specialization:  European & International Affairs
With multi-year experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, hi-tech integration, operations, and future planning, Vladimiros has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

Vladimiros held various writing positions at Oracle Times,, and, where he posited financial analysis on emerging volatile digital assets (cryptocurrencies).

He worked as a private consultant for major cryptocurrency brokers like Paxful Inc, and he is currently the International Affairs Officer for Russian bioinformatics company Zenome, where he started as a strategic advisor last year.

Most recently he joined the European Commission’s Futurium, where he is a member of several works groups, including the European AI Alliance, Urban Agenda for EU, eGovernment4EU, NGI (Next Generation Internet) among various other task forces.

Anastasia Gubina
Community manager
Education:  National Research University "Higher School of Economics", department of Political Science (HSE) – 2017, The University of Edinburgh "School of Social and Political Science" – 2016
Degree:  Bachelor in Political Data Analysis
Interests – technology and growth, boxing and foreign languages, humanitarian organizations activity (a volunteer of Russian Red Cross).
Alexey Kuzmenkov, Ph.D
Education:  Moscow State University, department of bioorganic chemistry (MSU)
Degree:  Ph.D. in biochemistry
Specialization:  Neurochemist
Alexey got natural scientific background and was awarded by the Moscow Government for his research. In 2016 Alexey won the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists. The general interest of Alexey in Zenome is in application of blockchain ecosystem for the biological approaches.
Richard Resnick, MBA
Senior advisor
Education:  M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management, an M.S. in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Degree:  M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management
Specialization:  Entrepreneur, TED Speaker
Mr. Richard Resnick serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GenomeQuest, Inc. Mr. Resnick served as Acting Chief Executive Officer of GenomeQuest, Inc. since September 2010 and Vice President of Software and Professional Services. Mr. Resnick heads up GenomeQuest's product development and professional services organizations. He served as a Vice President of Products and Services at GenomeQuest, Inc. He served as Vice President of Software & Services at GenomeQuest, Inc. He has extensive experience in building and growing innovative, sales-driven technology teams in the software and life science industries. Prior to joining GenomeQuest, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Harmony Line, Inc. Prior to Harmony Line, he spent over a decade in the sequence informatics industry, founding and selling Mosaic Bioinformatics in 1999 to NetGenics, Inc. He served as global bioinformatics software manager for Wyeth, and contributed to the Human Genome Project under Eric Lander at the MIT Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. He serves as a Director of GenomeQuest. Mr. Resnick holds an M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management, an M.S. in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Yuri Nikolsky, Ph.D
Advisor in business development
Education:  Moscow State University, department of genetics (MSU)
Degree:  Doctoral degree in molecular genetics
Specialization:  Businessman and researcher in the field of life sciences
Dr. Nikolsky has 25 years of experience in life sciences, both business and research. Currently, he is CEO of Prosapia Genetics and an associated faculty at George Mason University in Virginia. In 2014-2016, he was CSO/director of Science at the BMT cluster at Skolkovo, the largest innovation fund in Russia. In 2010-2014. Yuri served as Vice President of R&D at Thomson Reuters (TR), a global information company, where he built a scientific consulting group working with major pharmaceutical companies on Big Data management and analysis. In 2003-2010 Dr. Nikolsky was CEO of GeneGo, a systems biology company acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2010. Prior to GeneGo, he was CEO of ChemDiv (San Diego, CA), a drug discovery CRO, turned into a fast growing pharmaceutical company. Dr. Nikolsky also co-founded Integrated Genomics, Inc. (Chicago, IL), a comparative genomics and bioinformatics company and held positions of a Senior Scientist for Thermogen, Inc. (Chicago, IL) and a scientist at the University of Chicago. Dr. Nikolsky holds an MBA degree in finance from the Booth School of Business (the University of Chicago), a Doctoral degree in molecular genetics from VNIIGenetika Graduate School and an MS degree in biology from Lomonosov Moscow State University; both in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Nikolsky’s research interests are in disease research, precision and translational medicine. Dr. Nikolsky authored over 90 research articles, 5 patents and two books on systems biology.
Dmitry Kwon, Ph.D
Zenome advisor
Education:  Moscow State University, department of molecular biology (MSU)
Degree:  Ph.D. in molecular biology
Specialization:  Molecular biologist, business development manager
Specialist in molecular genetics. Dmitry has a significant scientific background, expertise genetic analysis technologies, genomic and diagnostic markets, has successful business experience in biotechnology and Dx top intl companies.
Vadim Pushkarev
Law advisor
Education:  Moscow State University (MSU), Department of law.
Degree:  Bachelor of law (Commercial Law)
Specialization:  Corporate law, corporate governance, M&A, venture capital investment
Vadim Pushkarev has 17 years of experience in corporate law and corporate governance. He started his legal career in Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer-Agents and Depositories, self-regulated organization of professional participants of Russian stock market.

In 2002 - 2011 Vadim worked in managerial positions in corporate governance and M&A departments of several Russian industrial companies (including RAO UES of Russia and RusHydro, electric power companies with hundreds of thousands of shareholders and hundreds of subsidiaries). Vadim has an experience of project management in billions-dollar-worth M&A deals, reorganizations and capital stock issuances.

Vadim Pushkarev served as a member of Board of directors in several industrial companies.

In 2011 Vadim made a shift in his career, moving into venture capital industry, and now has an experience of angel, seed, Series A investment deals in different industries and jurisdictions.

In 2014 Vadim was a member of the Board of directors of Sight Diagnostics, Israeli company developing computer-vision based solution for screening blood samples for malaria and CBC (complete blood count test).

Currently Vadim is Associate director at Emery Capital, being responsible for development of several internet-related projects.

Vadim Pushkarev is a member of Board of directors in Accent Media Ltd., London-based company developing new generic top level domain “.tickets” - the new space in Internet, which has already seen several blockchain-based projects, building new technologies for safe and fair ticket sales.

In parallel to his business activities Vadim supports several non-for-profit and charitable activities. Vadim is honored blood donor of Russia.

Oleg Kiriukhin, Ph.D
Business advisor
Education:  The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Degree:  Doctor of Philosophy in Business, Master of Business Administration,


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